Adrienne Moumin


Adrienne Moumin is a self-taught visual artist based in New York, NY and Silver Spring, MD. She works in hand-printed B&W photography, and handmade photo and mixed media collage. She is best known for her Architextures photo collage series inspired by New York’s urban landscape, ongoing since 2000.

Moumin’s work has been exhibited in New York, and nationwide, for over 25 years, and is represented in public and private collections throughout the US and Europe. Her most recent solo exhibit, "Analog," took place in late 2020 at Portico Gallery in Brentwood, MD, and was reviewed by Mark Jenkins in The Washington Post.

Moumin was awarded 2021 and 2016 Individual Artist Grants by the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County (MD), for the creation of several large-scale photo collages. She was also awarded a 2021 Independent Artist Grant by the Maryland State Arts Council. Other grants include a Puffin Foundation project grant, and a Vermont Studio Center Residency Fellowship.

She worked as part of a 3-artist team, on the recently installed “Meet Me at The Triangles” public art installation in downtown Wheaton, MD.

Moumin’s photographs have been featured in New York Gallery Guide,, and the Sun magazine. She has been profiled and interviewed for numerous online publications and blogs, including Moumin has been interviewed for WBAI Radio in New York, and she has taught and consulted in a variety of photographic settings.

She was born in 1961 in Brooklyn, NY, and graduated from SUNY Empire State College in 1999, with a B.A. in Documentary Visual Studies and Society.

Moumin is affiliated with Trigonal Gallery in Jersey City, NJ, and Robert Anderson Gallery in Denver, Colorado.


My cut paper collages only “find” their meanings after they are created. They speak to me and I intuitively take in the meanings they convey. I begin with no preconceived intentions, and seek only a pleasurable juxtaposition of shapes, forms, colors, and spaces between elements. The two collages here spoke of world and political matters, which I attempt to keep out of my sphere, seeking only beauty and balance. But there it is. “Fulcrum” alludes to individual lives and world events hanging in delicate balance “Russian Roulette” turned out to be an accidental double-entendre commentary on the then-current inhabitant of the White House.

Russian Roulette by Adrienne Moumin


Fulcrum by Adrienne Moumin


Exhibition 2021

Adrienne Moumin
Cathy Diamond
Dale Emmart