“2021” Carla Lobmier

Illinois native Carla Lobmier was awarded an APEX Studio NYC residency in 1999, prompting her move to NYC. Since 2000 she has lived and worked in Jackson Heights, Queens. Her work has been exhibited at the Queens Museum, Langston Hughes Cultural Center, Resobox Gallery, NYC and site-specific installations for the Mid-Manhattan Library. Shaping the Container, her art/movement piece was supported by a Queens Council for the Arts 2018 New Works Grant.


Comes a time to settle on a place. One’s mind drifts and lifts and carries. The art is the evidence of the scurry as well as the travel. How to make the drift one’s own? This can be clumsy business and requires protection of one’s ideas, point-of-view, emotions and observations. Each painting must carry the memory of my own visual pleasure, but there must be something more for the picture to ignite. This search is also accompanied by a resting of the mind to invite contemplation. While the chandelier is the featured imagery in these paintings, the subject is elliptical: inside/outside; stillness/motion; edge/reflection; water/air; layers/surface; internal/external. Representational forms and abstraction are fused with the aim of metaphorical content. My painting is a critique of art lacking in visual mystery and expansiveness.


Year: 2011

Materials: acrylic on canvas

Size: 15 X 15 X 1.5


Year: 2015

Materials: acrylic on bristol

Size: 27 X 20 X 0.5


As a celebration that 2020 has ended and that a new year is here, FLATFILE has launched a new online program title, simply: “2021.”

We invited artists to participate through a rolling open call, which remains open for the entirety of this year. From these submissions, our jury panel carefully selects new works to present on FLATFILE, with new works added throughout all of 2021.

The price of each artwork is a flat $2,021,

a discounted price from the actual value of each work, offered here, exclusively.

2021: Eliot Markell
Kim McAninch
Daniel Morowitz