Karin Bruckner

Karin Bruckner was born in Switzerland and received her education in Switzerland, Germany and the United States. She holds a Master of Architecture degree from the Technical University in Munich and a Master of Science in Architecture and Building Design from Columbia University in New York, where she has lived since 1988 and raised two children. After working as an architect for Richard Meier & Partners and Philip Johnson Architects in NY she returned to her passion for art.

Since 2009 she has participated in a variety of exhibitions nationally and internationally and worked as an artist full time. In 2016 she joined the Make Art Work Program at Carter Burden Network, where she is teaching Printmaking to reemerging artists.

Karin’s work has sold worldwide and is in private collections in Europe, South America, Australia and the United States. Karin is a represented artist at Susan Eley Fine Art Gallery, NY and the Carter Burden Gallery, NY. Her work has been featured by West Elm and Chilewich as well as online venues such as The Woolfer, Art Crasher, Fresh Rag, Refinery 29, the UGallery blog, and the Printsy blog on Etsy. She was the first artist to be featured on the twitterartexhibit blog. Her work can be seen on her website www.kbmatter.com and is available online on Artsy and 1stdibs through Susan Eley Fine Art.

Karin rounds out her artistic practice by participating in Artists' Talks, curating shows and writing. She is an active member of the New York Artists' Circle and the Carter Burden Artist Community.


Printmaking became a focus in Karin Bruckner’s work in 2006. She found the medium a congenial way of creating art given her professional background in architecture. Its unique combination of creative flow and process requires a structured, sequenced way of thinking in layers, shapes and colors not unlike architectural plans. Printmaking has allowed Karin to gradually make her way from the strictures of architecture to a looser form of creative expression, while engaging all of Karin’s artistic and design skills. Over the years, constant experimentation has propelled Karin’s unique monoprints from a graphic into a more painterly direction, incorporating paper lithography, etching, collagraph, chine collé and viscosity techniques to achieve thoroughly embedded and complexly layered visual landscapes of considerable depth. Karin’s work is process driven, responding to the materials and techniques at hand, resulting in a widely varied yet distinctive portfolio.

At the core of the dialogue between the artist and the work is an attempt to push the medium to its limits, straddling the lines between printmaking, drawing, painting and collage in an authentically mixed media way. Printmaking carries with it the element of surprise and the inevitability of the “happy accident” which Karin credits for immensely expanding her artistic sensibilities. The work evolves and resides in the space created by Pull and Push and has led to a consummate Work on Paper practice that encompasses cutting, sewing, felting and repurposing from small intimate works to larger scale explorations. Karin borrows the term of 'site specificity' for her approach in that the conversation, the materials and the parameters lead to a unique and distinct solution for each individual piece. The narrative develops along the way. She lets the work lead the way to where it needs to go, which often incorporates and comments on the particular moment in time we find ourselves in.


Year: 2021

Materials: mixed media work on paper

Size: 22 x 30 x 0.5 inches


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