Linda Schmidt


Linda Schmidt is a painter and fiber artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She is originally from Kansas and received an MA in drawing and an MFA in painting from the University of Iowa. Solo and Group shows have included Main Window Dumbo (NYC), Art Mora (Ridgefield Park, NJ; Seoul, South Korea; New York, NY), Denise Bibro Fine Art (New York, NY), Praxis Gallery (New York, NY), Readywipe Gallery (Holyoke, MA), Saunders’s Farm (Garrison, NY), Curious Matter (Jersey City, NJ), Ann Street Gallery (Newburgh, NY), Chazou Gallery (British Columbia), Cheryl Hazen Gallery (New York, NY), State of the Arts Gallery (Hong Kong), AIR Gallery (New York, NY) and other venues. She is represented in collections around the world.


In a space that contains elements of our universe ranging from cellular to cosmic, simple geometric shapes serve as characters or markers. The paintings begin with a series of subconscious gestural and perhaps chaotic elements. Geometric lines and shapes engage with the with the organic elements recalling games, systems of measure or other organizational devices that are used to understand, explore, invent or entertain. In so doing, the artist attempts to find comfort and sense in this world and our place within it.


Year: 2017

Materials: ink, chalk pastel, collage (rice paper), acrylic on paper

Size: 28 x  22.5 inches


Year: 2017

Materials: ink, chalk pastel, collage (rice paper), acrylic on paper

Size: 22 x 30 inches


As a celebration that 2020 has ended and that a new year is here, FLATFILE has launched a new online program title, simply: “2021.”

We invited artists to participate through a rolling open call, which remains open for the entirety of this year. From these submissions, our jury panel carefully selects new works to present on FLATFILE, with new works added throughout all of 2021.

The price of each artwork is a flat $2,021,

a discounted price from the actual value of each work, offered here, exclusively.