Michelle Brandemuehl


Michelle spent her formative years in Wisconsin where she studied painting and received her BS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She now lives and works in New York. Michelle has been a resident of the Edward F. Albee Foundation in Montauk, NY, CCA New York residency, PADA Studio Residency in Lisbon, PT, and has exhibited her work in Chicago, Brooklyn, New York City and San Francisco.


My work is a conversation about the whatness of people, places and things. I rely on restraint and minimal form as a point of entry, exploring the relationship between subtlety and the sublime. I’m interested in the qualities of opposites and how two opposing

forces hold the same space, as examined through my choice of materials – the grit of spray paint on linen, black on white, the hardened lines of the rectangle and the soft glow of fog. The object responds to and changes based on these contradictions. The materials and structure I choose form an emotional architecture, creating a dialogue with the viewer that invites them to explore these paradoxes. My recent work explores the idea of landscapes in outer space: using the vantage point of looking through a window, the border framing this other world, questioning what we think we see and the possibilities that lie in the unseen.

Vicious Circle by Michelle Brandemuehl


Elevator Hum by Michelle Brandemuehl