Norma Greenwood

Exhibition "2021"

Norma Greenwood’s canvases are painterly, structured, architectonic and robust, animated and bright. She creates still life compositions around sensuous forms that evolve into representational images. Her new series of figurative portraits depicts people in a way that reveals something about them as well as herself. She is the recipient of numerous grants and awards including three grants from the NY State Council on the Arts, Greenwood was awarded a public art commission by the Jacksonville Florida International Airport where her two permanent installations can be seen. She is represented in private and public collections and exhibits work in her home town of New York City and internationally.


Imagine pillows as “dream catchers”- this idea intrigues me. These pillows, these “dream catchers" contain our breath and our dreams, the sensory experience of the journey traveled at night. My paintings of pillows and bedding are metaphors for relationships. My domestic still lifes highlight the intimate and personal, a place that is calm and filled with light. Brushwork and surface in my work lends a lyrical quality. While my work hovers between figurative and abstract, there is a narrative element in my paintings of beds and pillows, evoking a sense of comfort, security as well as beauty. They hint at the passage of time in the same way that images of light and shadow describe a fleeting moment.

Throughout my career, the source of my inspiration has been the beauty of form and color. The essence of everything I do is rooted in my love of creating something exquisite through experimentation with process and media. As a contemporary figurative painter, I love the way oil paint lends a kind of magic, creating an illusion of dimension on a flat plane. This illusion leads to a journey into the unexpected, always surprising. I use the formal relationships of shapes within the space of my canvas which creates sensuality and beauty in the way the objects relate to each other. The work is provocative: the quality of mystery draws the viewer into an experience of seeing familiar objects in a new and powerful way.


Year: 2014

Materials: oil on canvas

Size: 30 x 26 x 2 inches


Year: 2019

Materials: oil on canvas

Size: 30 x 30 x 2 inches

Exhibition "2021"

As a celebration that 2020 has ended and that a new year is here, FLATFILE has launched a new online program title, simply: "2021."

We invited artists to participate through a rolling open call, which remains open for the entirety of this year. From these submissions, our jury panel carefully selects new works to present on FLATFILE, with new works added throughout all of 2021.

The price of each artwork is a flat $2,021,

a discounted price from the actual value of each work, offered here, exclusively.

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