“2021” Tracy Ostmann-Haschke

Ms. Ostmann-Haschke is a seasoned interdisciplinary artist with a focus on painting. Her work is most associated with representing an every-day genre, from exploring the mundane aspects of daily life to the extraordinary events that we all can identify with. Her work is displayed by private collectors in the United States and abroad as well as corporate and public spaces. She and her family currently reside and work on the West Side of Chicago in the East Garfield Park neighborhood, a newly budding area for the arts in Chicago.


My work is about people. I work with imagery that depicts and narrates moments in time. These are glimpses of figures moving about hurriedly, or stopped to greet an acquaintance, or paused to acknowledge a disruption. I leave gender, race, and age hazy and uncertain. At times these bodies interact with the viewer provoking unexplained emotion. I find inspiration through observations of my surroundings; community members, friends, especially the women in my family. I introduce my subjects when I see an opportunity. The characters are introduced through rigorous drawings, an approach that begins with broad movements of my arms, brush in hand. A large mirror is essential to my process. It allows me to reference my own features when working with the figure. I work in oils, acrylics, charcoal and graphite. Thin layers of color overlap, and paint is drawn and sketched vigorously across and up and down as I manipulate images that appear through the paint. I dive right in, the next mark steering my next decision. I abandon my subjects drawing my attention to the negative spaces. Cutting in with my fan brush I make quick decisions, sculpting with paint. Patterns, blocks of color, noting current styles, finally the last moments consciously I forget about a focal point. Standing back I evaluate the work as a whole.


Year: 2016

Materials: Oil on Canvas stretched on poplar stretcher

Size: 24 X 24 X 1.75


As a celebration that 2020 has ended and that a new year is here, FLATFILE has launched a new online program title, simply: “2021.”

We invited artists to participate through a rolling open call, which remains open for the entirety of this year. From these submissions, our jury panel carefully selects new works to present on FLATFILE, with new works added throughout all of 2021.

The price of each artwork is a flat $2,021,

a discounted price from the actual value of each work, offered here, exclusively.