Kay Sirikul Pattachote – Slow Ripples


Slow Ripples, 2020
Watercolor, stitches on recycled paper
23 x 17.5 inches




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Kay Sirikul Pattachote is a Thailand-born New York artist and earned her BFA from Silipakorn University of Art and Design (Bangkok). Kay‘s paintings utilize the abstracted forms of flowering plants as a vessel for channeling her daily meditations. These plant forms provide parameters for her interpretive brushwork and within them, she is able to record her experienced energies and emotions. Ritualistic actions, such as sewing and repetition, further her meditative practice and deepen her ability to record the ephemeral on her surfaces.

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Dimensions 25 × 2 × 19 in

Kay Sirikul Pattachote


Slow Ripples


Watercolor, stitches on recycled paper


23 x 17.5 inches (unframed)

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