Natsumi Goldfish – A Beginning of Small Universe


A Beginning of Small Universe, 2019
Ink on Wood

10(h) x 7(w) x ¾(d)




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Natsumi Goldfish is a Japanese visual artist and a painter. Natsumi grew up in the suburban area of Tokyo, a place of between, where nature and urban culture and many different elements coexisted at that time. The environment had inspired her to believe in pluralism, or something close to the idea of being between and both. Natsumi has been fundamentally interested in human being: human nature: what defines human as human: conscious and unconscious human behaviors seen in the history, in people who relate to her in various ways, as well as in herself in everyday life. Her works are created around ideas and questions she encountered while seeking “what is human being”, and the differences and similarities between human and other creatures. Natsumi Goldfish received her BA in Art degree from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia in 2013, and moved to NYC where she lives and works today.

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Natsumi Goldfish


A Beginning of Small Universe


Ink on Wood


10(h) x 7(w) x ¾(d) (unframed)

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