Pavida Rujatikumporn – Untitled W 2020


Untitled W, 2020

Acrylic on panel

12 x 12 in

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Pavida Rujatikumporn is a Brooklyn-based artist, native of Thailand. She love to draw and play music at young age. She attend College of Fine Arts and earned BFA at Rangsit University. She was an Illustrator for a year before moving to New York in 1997.  She enrolled classes at Art Student League of New York and earned Professional Diploma in Jazz Piano at Brooklyn -Queens Conservatory of Music. Her first solo Art Show was in New York, 2010. She is a private piano instructor and a volunteer teaching music for young kids at Thai Temple. In her spare time she also join the Thai Classical Music Group Band. Her latest group Art Exhibition was organized by SFA Projects in 2019 at Yant Art Space.

Artist Statement

Moving from representational painting, the recent abstraction of her artwork present texture, stoke, simplicity of line, geometric form, monochrome and contrasts. Her objective is to reveal the voice of the subconscious through imagery. Each painting reveals transient nature of the world around us in everyday life. Through her expression she hope to create harmony from the conflicts and contradiction of the world all around us. Because she both paints and composes music, each of her paintings relate to a music perception. Each painting has sound, each composition has color within. In her own words “Art and Music are alike, we can see with our ears and hear with our eyes, that’s all there is to it, really!” 

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Pavida Rujatikumporn


Untitled W 2020


Acrylic on panel


12 x 12 in

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