Susan Carr – moving/closer


Moving/closer, 2020
oil enamel on rag paper
11 x 15 inches




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Susan Carr attended Tufts/Radcliffe The School of the museum of Fine arts Boston and achieved her MFA IN 2003. She has works in many different mediums including photography, the written word, sculpture and painting. Susan will be having her second one-person exhibition at Labspace in Hillsdale New York late summer early Fall. She is curious and enjoys painting philosophical ideas such as the “eye” paintings. They represent life and death and all that is in between. Her ideas behind her symbology in the eye paintings is somewhat akin to illuminated manuscript painting, hieroglyphics or runes. The symbols can be read by themselves or as a whole piece. The answer to the question that the piece provokes is up to the viewer. Susan also paints self-portraits, zombies, smiling weird children there is always something new to paint. Susan also enjoys making sculpture out of wood. Her art is her life. 


Painting is the moon and I am starting to howl

Painting floating inside my teacup six in the morning OM

Painting in dusky fingered roses the sea laps my ankle

Painting on the chalkboard, painting on the test, painting no cheating

Paint me another round and make it ultramarine this time baby

Bottom of the ninth bases are loaded and I’m up to paint

Painting fleshy pink knobby knees up to nose nipple coral red round the top

Painting faster and faster running out of paint

Paint flickers deep on cave wall images of paint in four legs and two

And the wind cries paint

Just one more paint, just one more paint, just one more paint, just one more??

If I only had a bit more paint

In the forest of paint chop wood carry water

Tricky, inclusive, ironic, clumsy, chewy, frenzied, subversive, highbrow, lowbrow, such a brute of talky, talk talk

Paint is on the menu

Painting next time will be the best time because this painting is almost the one but not quite, not quite

Painting dressed in black without a sound snatching the jewels under the cover of night

I am not old, I am not young I am merely a painter

Painting between two pieces of day old bread instead of glass of milk

Watching painting it is a very good show

Sleepy now will cover myself up in old paintings to keep warm

Hey! how come, you so poor? Painting stole me away

The dream of more paint it started like this.

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Susan Carr




oil enamel on rag paper


11 x 15 inches (unframed)

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