Fractured Screen, 2020



Artist: Maya Strauss

I see the world around me through a macro lens, focusing in on the odd details and patterns that are often overlooked. I lean forward and touch the surfaces of walls and doorways, feeling the imprints of all those who have moved through this space. Sometimes an unexpected shape appears and surprises me with its ability to represent a moment long past like a bug stuck in amber or a footprint in cement. My drawings are in form more like poems, pieces of language that open up imaginative possibilities. I strive to create a tactile image of a forgotten moment.

Title: Fractured Screen
Year: 2020

Materials: colored pencil, gouache, and crayon on watercolor paper
Size: 8×8 inches

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8×8 Art on Paper

On view and on offer from December 15th, 2020 – February 28th, 2021

The purpose of this online exhibition is to encourage artists to connect with collectors, art lovers, and other artists by sharing their small work.

Artists’ works will be available for sale to collectors and also for trade with other artists in this exhibition.

Artist will receive 80% from each sale and there will be no charges or fees associated with trades. We want to encourage artists to connect, inspire, and share their work with others.

Each artwork is specially priced, a fixed $180, and the size of each artwork is a fixed 8 inches by 8 inches.

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