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Forest Service, 2020


Artist: Ellie Murphy

Details: Encaustic on Acid-free paper

Size: 12” x 12”

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Ellie Murphy

Ellie Murphy is a sculptor living and working in Queens, New York. She was born in Urbana, Illinois, grew up in Lindsborg, Kansas, and studied Fine Art at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. You can see her work online at

“My encaustic drawings are completely analog, each stroke records a unique moment in time in sequence. They describe a progression from the beginning moment to the ending moment and in this way they mirror the narrative of life. The melted wax is beeswax, paraffin, and encaustic—I often throw in the wax of spent candles from my home. My work questions the borders of fine art and traditional craft forms. In these encaustic pieces, I am trying to make a physical picture of the rhythm and repetition at the heart of ordinary life. My art also combines references to doll hair, crafts, folk motifs, and Americana from my 1970’s childhood in Kansas. I see the interdependence between the multiplicities of cultures in our world and make sculpture as a way of recognizing and playing with the unintended and humorous connections between them. How do the actions of one individual, one strand, work in relation to the whole, or the whole of society? Do the fibers work together with or in opposition to each other?”

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