falling/mending 1, 2020


Artist: Natalie Moore

Details: thread on paper
Size: 7  x  8.25 inches

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Artist Statement

As a teenager, I often found myself seeking solace in sitting at the water’s edge, watching the waves come in over and over until somehow my worries were diminished in the vastness of what laid before me. I relished in the joy of the small disruption in the visual field – a sudden wind that caused the water to peak – a flock of birds flying over the horizon. The element of surprise, when the ordered seeps into chaos, continues to delight me and inform my work.

My current body of work is created with stainless steel wire which I weave using a simple loom whose design dates back to the Bronze Age.  The methodical building of a grid, line by line, is a process of repetition with its own inherent flaws and disruptions. Painting the pieces transforms the material and neutralizes the cold, shiny, hardness of the steel, giving it a lightness.

The shapes of my sculptures reference both the natural and the man-made. They can resemble objects ravaged by wind, rain and the continuum of time while at the same time referencing an un-built, abandoned CAD model gone awry.

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Dimensions 8 × 10 in

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