Game on by Kamonchanok Phon ngam




This artwork is on view in a group exhibition “Sentiment” at SFA Projects
July 8th, 2021 – August 8th, 2021

Artist: Kamonchanok Phon-Ngam

Title: Game on
Year: 2020
Technique: Mixed Media on Canvas (embroidery, paper magazine, bead, washi tape, medium gel)
Size : 12×12 inches
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Kamonchanok Phon-Ngam is a Thai artist living in New York City. She earned her BFA from the Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi in 2008 and completed her MFA from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. At universities, she developed a sharp eye for abstract imagery and a knack for physical artwork making simultaneously.

Her comprehensive approach to artwork exploits both mixed media and fabric focusing on conceptualism and the issues of life in New York City. The impressionistic and abstract creations are deeply inspired by the way of life and all its varied aspects.

As an enthusiast of both eastern and western artistic cultures, Kamonchanok creates her masterpieces with the combination of traditional drawing and collage of indigenous materials.

In order to create the concepts, styles, and unique artworks, interaction of color, shape, and form in the natural world gives her an inclusive viewpoint on the arts favoring and draws upon these elements in the environment as a whole.

Her artwork’s collections have shown at, National Art Museum of China, Beppu Art Museum Oita (Japan), and other several Art exhibitions in Thailand and foreign countries from 2007 up until now.

Statement artwork

The thing I learned and sensed from this material world as a reflection of human identity is that somehow we blindly consume the amount of unnecessary utility or an additional bit of satisfaction. These things are some kind of illusion that decreases humanity in humans and shapes their view to become as small as just their self-interest.

Being someone in this material world, you are defined by the way you consume and purchase. In this society, a person might have to lose the identity or something they’re used to do, in order to be accepted for his or her existence. Since humans are social animals, they always want to have and want to become equal because they are attached to the illusional standard that society has set for them.

Exist, know the value but meaningless. However, all these materials are not rooted within our minds, thus make us lose the heart and soul of humanity. There are lots of odds in our minds, for instance, love, greed, anger, passion, loneliness, sadness, positivity, and negativity. We might be able to comprehend some parts of them, but not all of them. And once you lose your self-identity, you will become the victim of this dominating power. Above all, the nonmaterial thing that we need to comprehend and be grateful for is ‘the world in our mind’.

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