The Abyss III ( View in Silence), 2020


Artist: Ryoo, Ji

Details: Mixed pigment and resin on canvas


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Ryoo, Ji (JiYoung Ryoo)

JiJi Ryoo is an artist from South Korea, where she received her Fine Arts Degree, and is currently living in Leonia, NJ where, as an entrepreneur, she operates a Fine Arts Prep School for High School students. She has worked in the 2D/3D design field as a graphic artist because she recognizes the technological advances that are an evolutionary part of out consciousness. This understanding and belief has driven her interest and studies of perception, the borders between what is considered real (Object/Body/Memory), what our mind perceives(Image/Context) and how that translates into what we believe is real (Light/Senses/Memory). In this series “Abyss” she is using the language of metaphor to visually express these competing definitions. By purposefully removing all imagistic references from the works she challenges the viewer to bring their own world perceptions and aesthetics to play, thereby allowing them to access their own primal memories/emotions/experiences, within their own constructs.

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