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Tree Portrait – Sheep Meadow by Jessica Ziegler


Title: Tree Portrait – Sheep Meadow

Year: 2021

Materials: watercolor on paper

Size:12 x 9 (with 1-2” borders all around)

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About artist:

Jessica Ziegler is a native New Yorker who paints cityscapes and urban landscapes primarily in oil, watercolor and gouache. Her style is naturalistic, and the themes in her art center on the juxtaposition of the natural and man-made environment, and on revealing the beauty in often-overlooked details.

She grew up in a family of artists, and is eternally grateful for it — to her mother, the painter, for her wonderful sense of color and light; and to her father, the architect and sculptor, for an appreciation of three-dimensional form and the built environment.

Jessica started painting seriously in 2016 after a career in technology. She has studied drawing and painting at the New York Academy of Art, The Art Students League, the 92nd St Y and the New York School of the Arts. In 2019 she had a solo show of watercolors at the Studio 55 C gallery in New York.

About this collection of work:

I am inspired by the endless variety of New York City – its architecture, its parks, and the range of emotions its environments evoke: turning from a hot busy avenue onto a quiet shaded side street, sitting under a willow tree watching the river with a muffled highway above, or taking the subway to neighborhoods so different it feels like ‘real’ travelling.

My goal in painting is to create a sense of place, enabling the viewer to enter the picture to daydream and explore. I know that a painting is going well when I want to fall into it myself — when I don’t want to stop painting and leave that world.

My style is naturalistic, and I paint primarily in oil and watercolor, depending on what I think the image calls for. My subject matter is urban landscapes, which covers a wide range of subjects from buildings to trees to architectural details. The main themes in my work are the juxtaposition of the built and the natural environment; the intricacies of form; and, most importantly, light. I am constantly hunting for that fleeting moment when the light falls on an everyday subject in a way that transforms it. That is what I paint.


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