Alison (Sideview) by Geoffrey Stein


Title: Alison (Sideview)

Year: 2017

Materials: Ink and pencil on paper

Size: 21.5 x 15 inches

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About artist:

Geoffrey Stein is a recovering lawyer, who has been painting full-time since 2000. He received a Certificate in painting from the New York Studio School in 2004, and an MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art, London in 2007. Stein lives and paints in New York City. He is represented by The Minster Gallery in the UK.

About this collection of work:

I draw and paint to find out what I think about the world: to discover the things I do not have words for. I savor the slips of the hand that express one’s unconscious feelings. I am interested in the tension between abstraction and realism. My work explores the tension between what needs to be shown and what does not, the seen and the unseen.

In drawing I experiment with different types of mark-making from pencil to collage to digitally altering pencil drawings. I am interested in the act of seeing and how to make marks that become images reflecting that act. In drawing I am trying to get away from academic copying and move towards an image that captures the static of our information age. I am interested in the transition from High Renaissance perspectival form-making (using color and tone to turn forms in space) to a new, flatter type of image modeled on TV, video, and computer screen images as they flicker and break up. The figure, the marks and the ground compete, creating a static interference that interrupts the image.



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