Circling X by Carla Lobmier


Title: Circling X

Year: 2018

Materials: oil pastel on paper

Size: 24 x 19 inches

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About artist:

Illinois native Carla Lobmier was awarded an APEX Studio NYC residency in 1999, prompting her move to NYC. Since 2000 she has lived and worked in Jackson Heights, Queens. Her work has been exhibited at the Queens Museum, Langston Hughes Cultural Center, Resobox Gallery, NYC and site-specific installations for the Mid-Manhattan Library. “Shaping the Container,” her art/movement piece was supported by a Queens Council for the Arts 2018 New Works Grant. “UnNatural Zoom: Everything Now,” a site-specific watercolor installation, was made possible through a 2021 City Artist Grant, NYC.

About this collection of work:

Nietzsche wrote in The Birth of Tragedy, “With august gesture the god shows us how there is need for a whole world of torment in order for the individual to produce the redemptive vision and to sit quietly in his rocking rowboat in mid sea, absorbed in contemplation.” I am inclined towards progressive units of work contemplating a narrative of sorts – shifting viewpoints about the same subject. Prose and poetry provide that which is difficult-to-describe an expanded form to be developed in. A visual counterpart is enhanced by working in a series that can be revisited over time. The Rocking Rowboat drawings are such a series for me. For many years, this Nietzsche quote has been written on a piece of paper that moves about my drafting table. I notice the fragment. I don’t notice it. My imagery is prompted by my subjective experience and my absorption with time, change, movement in time or moments locked in time. The rocking rowboat motif in shadow, in water and in fire is an open-ended image allowing for a sense of mystery to remain with the pictures.

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