NC6 by Sara C. Sun


Title: NC6

Year: 2021

Materials: Pencil and Color Ink

Size: 8 x 8 inches

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About artist:

As an interdisciplinary artist in New York for over three decades, my creative endeavor crosses video, site-specific installation, projection, drawing, and intermedia collaborations. My works have been included in one-person and group exhibitions, screenings, and projections nationally and internationally since 1990. Selected one-person intermedia exhibitions include Sarah Lawrence College, Open Source, Gallery 456, and Momenta Art, and intermedia projects from 2020-2021 at CreArtBox, LIGHT YEAR Manhattan Bridge Projections, Creative Code Art Festival, Ethan Cohen Kube Gallery, and NEUMERAKI Project. I had my one-person drawing exhibition at the 2012 Governors Island Art Fair. Several group shows include Ethan Cohen Kube, Pierogi Gallery Online Flat File, Andrew Edlin Basement Gallery, BRIC House Gallery, and Lorimoto Gallery. I was an Honorary Fellowship recipient at the Djerassi Artist Residency, an awarded Artist Resident at McColl (Tryon) Center for Visual Art, awarded Ping-Tung Peninsula International Arts Festival residency in Taiwan, and a former AIM and FISEA. I have also collaborated with creative project teams and musicians.

About this collection of work:

A line is either a connection or a division. I am interested in the concept of lines in intermedia exploration. The three drawings I submitted here are part of an intermedia project for the 2021 CreArt Interactive Web Music Festival –
They involve two stages and a video recording. The movement of the initial creation of the drawing on paper was video recorded while listening to Hilary Hahn’s 1997 J.S. Bach’s Chaconne for solo violin performance. The 2nd part of the drawing was to divide that drawing into three 8″x8″ pieces and finish each of the drawings as seen separately. The form of each drawing dances between randomness and consciousness heightened by marks of improvisation. The creative process mirrors the unpredictable nature of our daily life upon the reliance on interdependent elements and trust to arrive at a work’s completion.



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