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Dissolve Anger by Lulu Meng


Title: Dissolve Anger

Year: 2022

Artist: Lulu Meng

Details: Ink on Paper

Size: 15 x 15 inches

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Artist: Lulu Meng

Lulu Meng was born and raised in Taiwan, have been living in different cities and countries, LuLu Meng questions what it is to be an individual living in our time now and what connects people.

Meng is interested philosophy of science and the implication of everyday objects. Meng’s installation and sculptural objects are their experiments to understand the complex experiences of being a person and their relations with others.

Lulu’s Statement of the work

Correlation contains serveral circular objects that are hung and interconnected in one pulley system. The audience can interact with the objects by moving them up and down. When one object or multiple objects are moved, their movement affects the position of other untouched objects in the system. It requires negotiation to arrange each object to the ideal viewing position to experience the details of the objects.

The circular objects are in a similar form and structure. Yet, their sizes and texture of the surface vary. Each one has its inner lights circulating in a distinct pattern.

Having been living in the US for over a decade as an immigrant and a queer person, the experiences of living in different cultures compel me to question:

What is it to be a person? How do I perceive myself and how do others perceive me? What is the real difference between you and me?

Three core concepts of my art practice form from pondering those questions.

“We are similar.”
Each person is a unique individual. Yet, deep down, we share many similar qualities. To truly appreciate the difference is to embrace the similarity. Then, perhaps there will be a chance to have a better world.

“Changes provide possibility and new perspectives.”

“We are all connected.”
Things we do affect others in good or bad ways no matter whether we sense it or not.

Correlation was developed during my two-month residency at Sculpture Space in April and May 2022. It is an ongoing project to explore interdependence, solidarity, otherness, and equality.

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