Kamonchanok Phon-Ngam

A collection of Kamonchabnok’s work

Her comprehensive approach to artwork exploits both mix media and fabric focusing on conceptualism and the issues of life in New York City. The impressionistic and abstract creations are deeply inspired by way of life and all its varied aspects.As an enthusiast of both eastern and western artistic cultures, 

Kamonchanok creates her masterpieces with the combination of traditional drawing and collage of indigenous materials. In order to create the concepts, styles, and the unique artworks, interaction of color, shape, and form in the natural world gives her inclusive viewpoint on the arts favoring and draws upon these elements in the environment as a whole.


Available Works

Made in China, 2016 

I AM, 2016

Diary on the road: LA, 2017

Red Color, 2018

Every Word Has Consequences, 2018

Blue Color, 2018

Think Less Do More, 2018

All Talk – No Ears, 2018

Identity, 2018