Nina Meledandri

Artist Statement

I make a lot of images,

some of them are paintings,

some of them are photographs

and some,

in a strange way,

are both.

For the past 6 years I have been making work that combines painting and photography, often this takes the form of diptychs but with this new series: Harmonic Convergence the exploration has resulted in images where natural objects (primarily flowers) are photographed on top of a painting (watercolor or oil). Their name refers to the fact that these components can be at any stage of their development but they align at a specific point in time to create an image; the flowers range from buds to decaying matter, the paintings may be initial sketches or fully formed works. Through this project, the differences in the media I employ fades and a focus is put on a way of seeing by emphasizing the language of form and color. These images continue to reflect the importance that synchronicity plays as an underlying principle in my process.


Available Works

Harmonic Convergence: Amaryllis

Harmonic Convergence: Aftermath

Harmonic Convergence:

New Year’s Blessing

Harmonic Convergence: Turnip

Harmonic Convergence: Peony

Harmonic Convergence:

Solar System

Harmonic Convergence: Yagruma

Harmonic Convergence: Remains of the Day

Harmonic Convergence: Stamen