Tara de la Garza

Artist Statement

Tara de la Garza’s meditations on nature and diversity manifest as a taxonomy of

species, collaged together from elements collected from natural history books,

magazines and found images. Her ongoing series continues to evolve. As they

propagate their progeny of bizarre descendants reflect on our own progress.

de la Garza creates “a visual mythology that dissolves both the hierarchy and the

boundaries between living things” Sarah Walko

Tara de la Garza likes to think of time in geological terms, evolving slowly. Her

evolutionary creatures are an imagining of life on a planet unfettered by

overcrowding or even, indeed, the laws of nature. Yet somehow these distorted

creatures look as if they could function in the world, much like the parlor

game of the Exquisite Corpse, they have a head, a torso and a tail/legs.

Likening the work to that of a scientist discovering a new species she names her

creatures based on a nomenclature of relationships, the Latin names attributed

to important people in her life. In this exhibited work the species are paired

off and create their own descendants.


Available Works

Viride Testa Christea, 2017

Segmentum Collum Dwohlia, 2018

Segmentum Collum Casadoi, 2018

Segmentum Collum McGovernus, 2017

Segmentum Collum Judleoni, 2017

Segmentum Collum Carmelo, 2017

Cochlea Regina Poultonus, 2017

Cochlea Ignus Bartletti, 2017

Segmentum Collum Ashae ,2017