Tawan Wattuya

Artist Statement

Tawan Wattuya is best known for his distinctive approach to watercolour and thought-provoking subjects. His choice of medium is a clear attempt to convey the speed and dynamism he perceives in contemporary Thai society. He consciously chooses to view his homeland from a distance, studying the social and political situation from afar in order to explore with depth and understand both his hometown and the different places he encounters. Whether portraying the glittering terra cotta warriors of China or making sketches of the old fishermen he met in Okinawa, it is clear that Wattuya’s paintings are always poetic, personal, but nevertheless provocative in terms of his critical engagement with current issues. He is considered today one of Thailands’ most unique and engaged painters.


Available Works

Pig Heads, 2015

Mu Dang, 2015

Panda 2, 2016

Panda 1, 2016

Bark 2, 2016

Bark 1, 2016